Jan-Eric Ahlfors

Jan-Eric Ahlfors


Jan-Eric Ahlfors is the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Fortuna Fix, and a specialist in cell reprogramming and Regenerative Medicine.

Driven to create new classes of products for some of the most challenging diseases, Jan-Eric left academia to develop a corporate think-tank (New World Laboratories) in 2003 for an out-of-the-box approach – from basic fundamental research to final products – for tackling some of the most challenging medically unmet needs, while managing to maintain the independence of the company. At this new setting he developed a biomaterial (Regeneration Matrix™) with significant regenerative function for the brain and spinal cord, showing that a biomaterial alone could extensively rebuild and regenerate brain and spinal cord tissue.

This was followed in 2005-2008 by development of the world’s first directly reprogrammed human neural precursor cells (drNPC™) followed by other types of precursor cells, thus demonstrating that human somatic cells could be reprogrammed directly into multipotent stem cells.

In addition to regeneration, Jan-Eric has been looking for ways to stop degeneration and apoptosis following ischemic trauma, and since 2008 has been developing a unique class of compounds for this purpose. By 2013 the development, pre-clinical work and manufacturing for Regeneration Matrix™ and drNPC™ had been completed, and in 2014 they entered into investigator-sponsored human clinical studies in chronic spinal cord injury.

In 2014-2015, Jan-Eric developed the first high volume fully automated end-to-end cGMP manufacturing robotic platform for cells, capable of independently manufacturing multiple cell batches simultaneously without cross-contamination.

Jan-Eric has degrees in biotechnology, physics, biomedical engineering, and a MBA in the Management of Technology from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and has more than 50 granted and pending patents.